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The kingdom of Bhutan rests in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas, nestled between the two most populous nations of the world, bordering China to the north and India on the south, east, and west. For centuries, Bhutan has cultivated its rich history, relying heavily on the principles of Buddhism—environmental mindfulness, a sharing spirit, and bringing happiness to others—visible at every turn in the warm smiles of its friendly people. Bhutan’s policies of cultural conservation and its remote location enable us to provide visitors with unforgettable experiences. Explore one of thousands of Buddhist temples dotting the hillsides, visit massive stone fortresses known as dzongs, shop for unique treasures at our handicraft emporiums, or delve into Bhutan’s pristine natural environment. No matter what your dreams are made of, the highly trained professional team is committed to offering you the most enjoyable stay in Bhutan. We specialize in cultural and historical tours and can accommodate your specific preferences. Contact us with any questions, or to book your trip today. Let us be your guide!


Check out the festival schedules for the year 2022 and 2023

There are various Tsechus held all year round at Temples, Dzongs and Monasteries throughout Bhutan. However, the exact date of the Tshechu varies from place to place and temple to temple. Please choose the Festival date corresponding to your date of travelling.

The popular festivals should be booked in advance so that there won’t be problem with accommodations , transportation, air tickets and in getting Visa on time.


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Experience a life of Bhutanese

Our Cultural Tour introduces our VIPs to the unique aspects of the Bhutanese way of life through visits to villages, temples, historical monuments, pilgrimage sites and scenic spots. The most popular cultural tour includes visit to Western and Central Bhutan. For those interested to see another aspect of Bhutanese life, Eastern Bhutan is definitely worth visiting.






Trek through beautiful untouched trails

Bhutan is a popular place for trekking. Our range of treks are one of the most exhilarating and unforgettable ways to experience the heart and soul of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Trekkers to enjoy different vegetation and landscapes. We can customize some of the treks with the cultural or other packages, based on your interest.






Be part of unique festivals

Tshechu (Festival) is a religious event celebrated on tenth day of a month of the lunar calendar. Besides the locals, many tourists from across the world are attracted to these unique, colorful and exciting displays of traditional culture. There are various Tsechus held all year around at Temples, Dzongs and Monasteries throughout Bhutan. However, the exact date of the Tshechu varies from place to place and temple to temple.






Tailor made exclusive tours just for you

We offer various exclusive tours, such as river rafting, bicycle tours, hot spring bath tours, bird watching tours, farm stays, etc. You can choose the tour based on your interest. These tours offer you the exclusive and unique aspects of nature and culture in Bhutan. Special Interest tours provide you with wide range of experiences.



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Everything you need to know about visiting Bhutan

Thimphu Tashichho Dzong

In 1641 Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal acquired it but finding it too small, he built another one, known as the lower Dzong. The original dzong was destroyed by fire in 1771 and everything was moved to the lower dzong. The new building was later expanded several times over the years. It was damaged during an earthquake in 1897 and rebuilt in 1902. King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck had it completely renovated and enlarged over five years after he moved the capital to Thimpu in 1952 in traditional style using neither nails nor written plans.
Tashichho Dzong has been the seat of the government since 1952 and presently houses the throne room and offices of the king, the secretariat and the ministries of home affairs and finance. Other government departments are housed in buildings nearby.

“The dzong is located close to Thimphu town, next to the banks of the Wangchhu River. It is an impressively large structure, surrounded by well-kept lawns and beautiful gardens!”

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  • We visited EVERY country of the far east and every continent of the world. But what we experienced in Bhutan is so special we decided to travel again in this unique country in 2017. Bhutan VIP Travel is very experienced tour operator in Bhutan. And what is unique is that they can tailor the trip to what you wish for. Sometimes we decided to stay somewhere for a longer time, because of an event, festival, ceremony unique scenery, or hike; For Bhutan VIP Travel this was no problem as they immediately started to re-organised things, either a restaurant or hotel or pick up agreement of our car. The guide they assigned for us was very good with us. On route the atmosphere was always great, the guide can talk about every item of the country. The guide knows a lot about Buddhism. However without pushing his meaning towards other persons. He respect every persons opinion. The atmosphere in the car was always great, knows a lot of jokes and funny anecdotes. Again without talking TO much. That was for us also unique: he respects on the sometimes long drives some silence and let us enjoy the scenery. Also when we visited a temple, building, anyplace, the guide gave us enough space to discover and enjoy the country by ourselves. If you need more information , please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find me on facebook: Herman Permentier and/or Roos Vercauteren. One more thing, I do NOT have any profit from this testimony, but when we experienced something so unique , thanks to a wonderful tour operator, we are happy to tell other people our story.
    Herman Permentier
Get in touch with one of our staffs and get your trip to Bhutan organized according to your schedules, we are flexible and we aim to make your travel booking easier than ever.